What you will witness here is the tale of endless self-discovery. I am in a state of permanent beta.

I’m Audrey, you can call me Drey. I am a liver of life and a lover of love. I’m popularly called Qwin or Mum because of my ability to take charge of situations and in other cases people.I like to think of myself as an Unlimited Edition, that is a person that you cannot conform to a definition, by association, or a predefined skill set.

I love brand development, media, and creative intelligence. Sometimes I write just for fun. Recently, I started exploring my content creation skills on the video production front. I guess there is no rhythm to my madness, and that should make for an awesome time here, yeah? I stay curious and I’m always keen on working on new and exciting stuff. For the love of the adventure. I feel myself the most when I am exploring my power to create and when I am remaking the images of my imagination.

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Rule One: Love thyself

There are things no one teaches you, when they stumble your way, you either pick them up or kick them out of your way. What will you do when the unexpected happens? Your whole life is a cascade of decisions ready to be made…this is one of the most important. Someone said, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup, Fill yourself up.” Learn to love yourself!

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