Rule One: Love thyself

There are things no one teaches you, when they stumble your way, you either pick them up or kick them out of your way. What will you do when the unexpected happens? Your whole life is a cascade of decisions ready to be made...this is one of the most important. Someone said, 'You can't pour from an empty cup, Fill yourself up." Learn to love yourself!


Hey, I am not my hair!

You know what I really hate? Titles. I read somewhere that people give titles or descriptions to things they can't understand so that they may feel comfortable with the thought or existence of such things. And I guess it's okay to perpetuate the fear of the unknown by mistakenly calling something it isn't or rather doesn't want … Continue reading Hey, I am not my hair!

My problem with cultural appropriation – it’s not what you think!

I grew up in Zimbabwe. I'm not from any part of it though. I grew up everywhere. And because I was growing, I got assimilated into different cultures altogether. When I was 15, I was transferred to a boarding school in the depth of the Midlands, a rural to urban set up. My aunt stayed … Continue reading My problem with cultural appropriation – it’s not what you think!