ThaQwinDrey is a creative intellectual who is enthusiastic about media, business development and brand development. She is passionate about creating visuals, storytelling and business. She has an education background in Accounting from NUST.


Her work began in a start-up company, Neolab Technology where she interned in 2013 before founding Room8, a start-up that standardises off-campus accommodation for university students. Through the Room8 experience, which involved building a platform for students, landlords, universities and service providers, and working in the TechVillage community she found her passion to effectively communicate brands to the Zimbabwean market. Currently she runs a blog/vlog that encapsulates her life journey and philosophy. She is extremely hardworking and her work ethic is evident in the many projects she mans from conception to implementation.



Business modelling, Brand strategy, Sales strategy, Growth Strategy, Social media marketing strategy, User interface design, User experience, Project management, Basic Bookkeeping, Sales pitches/presentations.


Modelling, Creative writing, Event hosting, Event planning, Content production, Video directing.